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Think Fly Granules 5kg

Think Fly Granules 5kg

Think Fly Granules 5kg

Weight: 5.00 kg
Our price: $56.00

Product Description

A natural and unique source of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, herbs and essential oils formulated to support the wellbeing of your horse and promote a healthy skin and coat.

Key Ingredients

A full spectrum of nutrients including:

  • Selected Herbs – sourced and included for their natural, beneficial properties
  • Targeted B Vitamins – for their role in maintaining skin integrity and a healthy coat
  • Vitamin E - added for its antioxidant properties
  • Added Phosphorus – for its role in general metabolism and nerve function
  • Chelated Zinc – for its involvement in maintaining the integrity of the skin and hair and its role in wound healing
Product Information
Suitable for: All horses and ponies, including pregnant mares.
Appearance: Yellow/brown granules and herbs with a distinctive, but palatable, aroma.
Package size: 5kg
Days supply: 5kg will last 50 days when fed at 100g per day.
Introduce Think Fly gradually to the horses feed. It is recommended to build up to full dosage over a 3-5 day period.


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