Our Store

We are located on the edge of Beenleigh at 101 Logan River Road, Beenleigh, QLD which is approximately a 30 minute drive from either Brisbane or the Gold Coast.  We carry a wide range of rural merchandise, horse and other farm animal supplements, pasture and grass seeds and stockfeed.  We are part of the CRT buying group which allows us to access many suppliers and provide you with a competitive rate on all your rural needs.

Fertilisers & Mulch
We stock a range of fertilisers from

  • Incitec such as Urea, CK 88 and Superphosphate. 
  • Qld Organics such as Eco 88, Organic Xtra, Gypsum and Organic Booster
  • Rocky Point Mulching such as Sugarcane Mulch, Lucerne Mulch & Tea Tree Mulch, Active-8 & Titanic Organic
  • Searles such as Premium Potting Mix, Cow Manure and a wide range of home sized handy packs

Water Tanks & Pumps
We keep a wide range of household, garden, fountain, pond, drainage and firefighter pumps from leading brands such as CalpedaBiancoPumpz and DAB.
We can access a wide range of water tanks from

with a lead time of approximately 3 weeks depending on whether the colour and style is in stock or not

Stock Feed & Pet Food

We keep a massive variety of feed to accommodate for all of your hobby farm needs

  • Riverina - Chicken foods such as Red Label Lay Pellets & Mash, Rat & Mouse Cubes, Horse rations such as Work Horse and Calm Performer Mix, specialised feeds for Cattle, Goat, Sheep and Alpaca
  • Ridley - Monds Pony Pellets, Monds Lay Pellets, Steam Flaked Barley, Specialised Horse mixes and pellets such as Calm Performer, Breed & Grow, Kentucky Equine Feeds, Cattle rations and Guinea Pig pellets.  We also keep Ridley Cobber Working & Country dog food instock
  • Mitavite - We stock most of the Mitavite range in-store and are easily able to order in products that we don't keep instock
  • Prydes - We stock most of the Prydes range in-store and are easily able to order in products that we don't keep instock
  • Coprice - Specialised Horse pellets from the Nutririce range, Rice Bran Pellets & Coprice Working & Family Dogs  food
  • Laucke - We keep a wide range of Laucke poultry feed in-store such as Red Hen Layer, Red Hen Free Range Layer, Chick Starter, Pullet Grower MP, Showbird MP, Gamebird Finisher and Starter.  We also keep Laucke's dog food mix Uncle Albers & Great Barko instock
  • Purina Pet Foods - Supercoat for both dogs & cats and Bonnie for both dogs & cats
  • Hills - Hills Ideal Balance and Science Diet
  • Advance - Dog and Cat food
  • Black Hawk - Dog and Cat food